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Deepthroat Queen Ava Doll Will Blow More Than Just Your Mind

It’s been just a little over 10 years since I first started visiting Streamate when enjoying a break from reality and going down rabbit-holes of adult entertainment (PORN lol).

I was never one who could afford much private or exclusive time with models, I rarely had the cash for that. I do pony up a few bucks for gold shows, and over the years I’ve had dozens of shows from various models that we’re terrific and got the job done.

But there is one model that I’ve been following for probably 6-7 years now that, if I see is hosting a gold show, will literally have me logging in as fast as possible and drained sometimes before that show even starts.

And that model is self-described “throat queen” Ava Doll.

One of my favorite porn categories or “kinks” or whatever you want to call it is watching chicks deepthroat dick. It’s one of those things that is so far outside of “reality” of real life sex because it’s just not a common thing meeting a woman without a gag reflex or one who can turn it off, so to see it in porn or in a cam show is such a delight.

If you’re a fan, you know the greats who do it best – in XXX you have legends like Cathy Heaven or Sarah Vandella who can take them all down, all the way down.

Well, if I were to have a top 5 list, Ava Doll would most certainly be on it, because her ability to swallow cock is absolutely unbelievable – watching her on camera with a long double-dong or in one of her self-produced videos with a real cock will blow your fucking mind.

It’s really hard for me to fathom the actual pleasure it must be to have this cutie pie woman on her knees, talking dirty to me, staring down at her massive natural cleavage right before she places her lips on my cock, knowing full well what she is capable of doing with it.

It’s a mind fuck – I just don’t know if I could even handle a blowjob from this woman. Knowing she can take it all the way down, and stay there with a cock in her throat while looking up at you with those eyes and sexy ass glasses.

It literally has to be one of the most enjoyable and pleasurable experiences a man could ever possibly encounter. Just typing these words and fantasizing about it has me scrambling to finish this post and jumping for my lube, to login to OnlyFans and get going watching her videos.

Or maybe she’s on Streamate today and I can catch a gold show? Either way, for the who-knows-let’s-just-say 1234th time Ava, if you’re reading this, I’m going to explode again for ya.

Your content and live shows are some of the fastest ball-draining moments I’ve ever experienced in my entire life, and I’ve watched tens of thousands of hours of porn over the last 20 years.

Ava really, really is a true pleasure and 100% a top throat queen. If you have yet to experience her, watch out, because your life will never be the same.

Good luck to any of the men who have in the past or in the future get to have their swords swallowed by this queen – I simply cannot even begin to understand how amazing that has to feel.

Thanks for loving what you do Ava!

Ava Doll XXX @ Twitter

Ava Doll XXX @ OnlyFans

Ava Doll Official Site

Ava Doll @ Streamate

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Say Hello to Heavyn (HeavynSentXO) – Solo & Webcam Model

It was sometime last summer while up late on a Friday scouring the many models of Streamate, getting ready to start a long edging session, that I thought I had died. Because the model I stumbled upon sure was heaven to my eyes (and after a few seconds, my throbbing cock).

It was here that I first laid eyes on HeavynSentXO.

Now, I’m not a baller here – I’ve not to this day spent anytime in an exclusive with her, because I can’t afford that luxury. I would take a few minutes in free chat to completely gush over how sexy this woman is. Girls with cute smiles and beautiful natural breasts are to fucking die for, and this woman has me dead just about every time I see her.

This isn’t just some chick you blow a load to and move on the next day and forget about. This is the type of girl you see across the bar and can’t take your eyes off of, and pray to god you get a chance to talk to.

This is the type of cam girl you jump out of your seat when you see she’s on, because even a few minutes in free chat will have you ready to erupt.

Anyways, I would pony up for a gold show here and there whenever the timing was right, and good lord is this girl naughty. She’s a beautiful, seductive angel but when the show begins, get ready for just about everything dirty and sloppy.

She loves slobbering over huge dildos, wrapping her huge tits around them, and when she turns around to slide herself on top of one and you get to see the rest of very insanely hot ass and body, riding away, even you even made it that far in a show, you’re not going to last too long.

Months rolled by; I did purchase a video from Streamate but I just couldn’t take it any more – I needed more and more of this chick in my life. After some Googling, low and behold, I found her OnlyFans, which I am still a subscriber to today.

Many of us will bounce around different chicks for awhile, but there is a reason Heavyn is getting my inaugural blog post treatment here at the ‘Circle – she’s too much of a treat!

I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with her several times as a sub of her OnlyFans, and twice paid for custom videos – I’m a tease kink and boy did she not let me down.

She is so sweet and knows how to talk to her fans, really enjoys the attention we give her, and gives it right back, and just her talking in her videos – before even pulling a toy out or doing many of the really hot and nasty things we eventually get to – just her talking and teasing you with her cleavage will have you throwing your hands in the air to keep your edge on, because good lord will this woman make you cum too fast if you’re not careful.

So to you Heavyn, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for all that you do. I could gush for hours, but I’ll save the worship for future posts about ya. And for those who are just discovering her, you’re welcome.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go “take a break” and visit some of these links below.


Official Site of HeavynSentXO

HeavynSentXO @ Instagram

HeavynSentXO @ Twitter

HeavynSentXO @ TicTok

HeavynSentXO @ Onlyfans

HeavynSentXO @ Streamate

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